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A Look At Pentair Pool Heater Specs & Performance Expectations

Pentair's popular pool heaters range anywhere from around 800 dollars on up to thousands of dollars. According to the products Ive researched their residential pool heaters top out at approximately 4,000 dollars. That's quite an investment, but they do have cost efficient options as mentioned. As a matter of fact, most of the displayed models that pulled up in the search results were priced under 1,000 dollars.

The Pentair Master Temp Heater is one of their heater series and prices start at just a shade under a grand, going all to way up to $3500. The more expensive models are higher powered. Electric is also more expensive than gas to buy up front.

What Type Of Heater Do I Need?

Are you trying to heat an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool? What is the size of your pool? These are of course two questions you must ask yourself when you are deciding what type of pool heater to buy. When looking at the different models, you want to pay attention to the BTU number, just like when searching out residential air conditioners. The higher the BTU, the faster the heater will work.

For example, one Pentair Master Temp Heater named the 460792 has 175,000 BTU's. That is one powerful machine, but there are others that are even more powerful of course. As you look at the BTU number for pool heaters, you need to know what that translates to as far as coverage for heating your pool. You were told to pay attention to the size of your pool. In the case of this specific Pentair model pool heater, the 175,000 BTU's would heat a pool up to 20,000 gallons.

How quickly the pool heats up also matters. You can always wait a little bit if you have time, but you don't want to wait for hours. More specifically, you don't want to waste energy and money, keeping it warm at all times when it's not going to be used. Therefore, you'll want to know how long you have to wait for the pool to be warm once again.

These powerful Pentair pool heaters are known for being compact when it comes to size vs output. You will need to have it installed, so that is going to cost you a little extra. If you're wondering just how big they are and how much they weigh, the model described above is about 80 pounds. Again, there are larger models, too.

The Pentair 400 Master Temp is the largest heater. It runs on gas and is the quickest to work. It is suited to pools over 30, 000 gallons. It is great for colder climates. But If you dont have gas it wont do and youll have to choose a heat pump model which runs on electric instead.

Pentair gas heaters are powered by natural gas or propane. That is the standard when it comes to most pool heaters out there. Enjoying your pool during the off-season may not be as expensive as you thought. These pool heaters are not only affordable but they are energy efficient as well.

They have combustion chambers which allows them to use most of the gas they burn as energy. Hardly any gas is lost to leakage, and Pentair claims these heaters are up to 84% efficient.

Ethically Sourced Hardwood For Shutters

Today's consumers know that deforestation has had a negative environmental impact on many countries. Indeed, this problem can hurt the ecology of the entire world. Forests are important for air quality, wildlife, and economies.

At the same time, deforestation is a big problem. Most people would rather not invest in this sort of behavior, but it isn't always that easy to know if hardwood for shutters has been sourced ethically. Consider these tips to find hardwood from reliable and ethical sources.

How To Know If Hardwood Has Been Sourced Ethically

The easiest guide to ethical sourcing is to consider the type of timber. For example, Paulownia and bamboo tend to be two types of suitable wood that grow fast enough to produce timber in a sustainable manner. It might be simplest to just look for shutters that are made out of kinds of woods that aren't typically endangered or deforested. These are usually fast-growing hardwood trees.

Of course, slow-growing trees can also be ethically sourced. There are many different organizations that will certify that the trees were harvested with care for the environment. Consumers might look for this certification on the products that they purchase.

An example of this kind of organization is the Forest Stewardship Council, often called the FSC. This group was formed by businesses, environmental leaders, and community leaders to come up with standards for ethical sources. This isn't the only one of this kind of organization, but it is a common example of the type of group that certifies many wood products in the USA and other counties.

Why Consider Ethically Sourced Wood Shutters?

There are many advantages to using hardwood shutters in a house or office. People with concerns about the environment should also know that wood serves as a natural insulator. These kinds of shutters can actually help control the temperature in a room and make it easier to heat and cool. Ethically sourced wooden shutters help the environment in multiple ways.

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Of course, wooden shutters add the perfect design touch to almost any type of room's decor. They can add to a room that is either meant to be elegant or earthy. From a design perspective, wood is certainly better than plastic. Even the most affordable wooden shutters won't look cheap.

Hardwood is durable enough to use for furniture or flooring, so it's certainly able to stand up for use as shutters. With the right care, these hardwood shutters should last as long as the window frame that they are attached to. Even if consumers buy more expensive wooden shutters, they can enjoy a great value.

By The Best Shutters From Ethically Sourced Hardwood Trees

Consumers can't go wrong when they buy shutters from ethical suppliers. They will know that their money won't support deforestation or exploitation. Since these types of wood have beautiful natural grains, the shutters should enhance to decor of almost any kind of room. Finally, hardwood shutters can last a lifetime, so it's the kind of investment that only has to get made one time.

Constant Vigilance And The Need For Video Surveillance Systems

The use of video surveillance has become more commonplace nowadays. In the past, people have taken these systems for granted. No one thought they would be a necessity to secure any home.

Theyre mostly utilized in banks, big businesses like jewelry shops, malls, and convenient stores. Nowadays, almost every corner of the street has a surveillance camera. The government and the public responded to criminal activity with more sophisticated security measures.

Video surveillance systems today are readily available to anyone who wants to keep their business, homes or neighborhood safe. It's a very good idea to employ this kind of safety measure to prevent what can be avoided and to solve crimes or problems quicker.

Video footage from surveillance systems can now be easily managed. Everyone knows how a recording from a security camera can prove useful when solving cases such as robberies, assault, driving accidents and many others. If used correctly, surveillance camera systems are truly beneficial.

Giving someone the job of monitoring the footage via CCTV can cut the response time by half. Security personnel, as well as the police, can be notified immediately thus preventing the perpetrators from getting away. This can lower the success rate of any crime. Proper utilization of these systems is the key to making them work to their full potential.

Surveillance cameras can be quite useful at your home. For instance, if someone knocks on your door, you no longer have to see who it is in person. You can see who it is and answer the door remotely. Surveillance and security systems like these incorporate the use of a camera, speakers, wireless Internet, and your smartphone or iPhone.

If you installed cameras in common entrances, hallways and rooms you can check the monitors to check for intruders or a possible burglary. The more sophisticated video surveillance systems software allows you to access footage even if youre not at home. You can then alert the police if you see that someone is intruding in your home.

Video surveillance systems have improved throughout the years. High Definition Cameras are now available to provide clearer images. You can also include night vision capabilities for night time monitoring. Some cameras even have a 360-degree field of vision which ensures that blind spots are not something to worry about anymore. Video footages are also commonly stored in a servers hard drive nowadays to keep it more secure. It also makes it easier to make backups in case people try to destroy incriminating footages.

Overall having a video surveillance system is almost a no-brainer. Your safety and security, your employees, your family and neighborhood should always be the number one priority. Keeping an eye out in every corner is a good start for that.

How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners are among the most important inventions among the millions of other inventions that have now become a necessity. Whether you are in your office, in a shopping mall, or just relaxing at home, air conditioners are always there to beat the uncomfortable heat for you. Despite their vast usage in our everyday life, not many of us know how air conditioners work.

Let us find out here:

Working Principle

The basic working principle for the air conditioners is as follows:

An air conditioner uses refrigeration to cool the air that is inside a room. It works on the basic law of physics that liquid converts to gas by absorbing heat. This transfer process is called a phase conversion.

air conditioners utilize the phase conversion property. Inside an air conditioner, certain specific chemicals are forced to follow a cycle of evaporating and condensing inside a closed system composed of coils.

Components Of An Air Conditioner

An air conditioner has the following different components which work to cool the indoor air:


The special compounds used in the air conditioners are called refrigerants. They are special in the sense that they have the property to convert into the other state at temperatures, which are relatively low.


There also fans in the air conditioners, which are involved in moving the inner, warmer air over the coils that are filled with cold refrigerants. The centralized air conditioning system has a number of ducts for the purpose of directing the air to and from these coils.  


The air conditioners, not only cool the air inside the rooms but they also regulate the temperature using a thermostat. They monitor the air temperature and based on that the air conditioners cool the inside air.

Filters And Dehumidifiers

Air conditioners also have filters. Their function is to remove the airborne particles from the air. If the filters stop working properly, these particles can become a hurdle for the circulating air.

The dehumidifiers in the air conditioners absorb all the moisture from the air while cooling it down. This is the reason why water is discharged by the air conditioners on humid days.     

Other Parts:

If we open an air conditioner, we will find many different components inside it. These are:

  • Compressor
  • An expansion valve
  • An outside hot coil
  • An inside chilled coil
  • A couple of fans
  • A control unit


An air conditioner works to convert the hot air inside the room to cooler air by transferring the heat to the outside. It works as follows:

  1. The hot air from the room enters the air conditioner. It passes over some pipes through which the refrigerants are circulating. The air is cooled down.
  2. This air then re-enters the room and it is much cooler. This results in the cooling of the inside of the room as well.
  3. What happens inside the pipes is that the refrigerants suck up the heat from the warm air. This provides these coolants the temperature at which they turn from liquid to gas. This hot gas carrying the heat of the room then evaporates to the outside environment. While the heat is dissipated to the atmosphere, the coolant passes through the compressors and turns back into the cool liquid.
  4. This cycle continues, cooling down the warm air.
  5. As for the heat, it is removed to the atmosphere in the form of vapors. There is a portion of an air conditioner, which is installed outside the room. It contains the radiator consisting of many metal plates. A fan blows over these plates to accelerate the removal of heat to the environment.

The warm air inside a room or a building is converted into cool air gradually lowering its temperature through this process. So next time someone asks you that how air conditioners work, you can answer them in detail.


Saving Energy With Air Powered Lifts

Electricity is a precious and expensive commodity. It is constantly required to help keep a home running smoothly. It powers all the necessary appliances, keeps food cool or frozen and keeps you warm as you get a good night's rest. It's quite unsurprising then that there are households who spend more on electricity in a year than they do on groceries or insurance. Can you imagine having to set up a home elevator for yourself or someone in need? That would only shoot up the energy bill and bombard you with maintenance costs over time. Or would that be the case for the modern type?

Fortunately, air powered lifts are the machines one must worry the least about when it comes to energy. They are definitely convenient to have in the house, as they make it easier for the elderly or handicapped to travel up and down on their own. A strong selling point is how they consume a minimal amount of energy due to a dependence on air pressure, gravity and physics. It is all thanks to the cutting-edge vacuum technology that such useful yet attractive alternatives to pulley-system elevators are made available to the public.

But what makes traditional elevators less desirable or beneficial? It all boils down to the fact that they are can be burdensome machines eating up both energy and money as time goes by. Elevators that depend on heavy weights and oil products naturally use a lot of power. Those that operate through pulleys and counterweights need power every time they move. Because of all the components involved in their operation in a given day, energy expenses will only surge to unsettling numbers.

Airlevator home lifts are among the inexpensive luxuries of today. They're designed to serve the exact same purposes as their traditional counterparts. But unlike the old-school kind, they are meant to make life at home more comfortable and enjoyable without the hefty price tags. Once a lift has been purchased and installed, there will no longer be a need to set money aside for major lift expenses, apart from the maintenance service occurring once every four of five years. Regarding its use, power is only really needed to bring up the lift. Air pressure takes over for bringing it down, as a cushion of air allows the cabin to descend smoothly without mechanical force.

These lifts were seemingly invented with a consciousness towards the environment. However, relying on air instead of energy isn't the only way that they exhibit eco-friendliness. The installation process and core design philosophies also give light to caring for Mother Nature. They are totally free of any waste, fuel or chemicals. They incorporate materials that are lighter than traditional lifts, including those without pulleys or weights. Indeed, these lifts are a green solution for a lot of people's homes and families.

You should definitely consider having an air powered elevator installed at home. While it may seem costly and unimportant at first, it can end up being a worthwhile investment especially if you plan on selling the place sometime.

Dress Up Your Deck With These Design Ideas

Adding a deck from Timbertech UK is one of the ways to increase value to your property. But more often it is primarily about creating a relaxed outdoor space rather than adding value. A well-designed deck is a perfect way to connect outdoor and indoor space of your home. A deck is atmospheric. It makes a magnificent outdoor living space for you to enjoy when you like. Being short on space, working on a tight budget or having no greenery or garden is no big deal. Some inches can go a long way, and you can work with what you have to illuminate your backyard. 

What's more, you can accessorise your deck, style it and customise it to suit your home. Depending on where you position it, it can make a transition between garden and home or a destination on its own. Deck design ideas provide a huge assortment of style for the comfort of the family. You can add a personal touch to the outdoor space with the choice of furniture or the type of fireplace. Materials, on the other hand, are of great importance. You can choose from concrete, tiles, marble or tile since it all depends on you and your personal taste. 

Your decks substructure is the most significant component of your space. A big boost for your deck and the environment is using composite decking material. This material uses a blend wood and plastic fibre that replicate the look of wood without all the necessary maintenance. The material comes in an assortment of colours, thickness, and grain patterns. Use this to your advantage and build attractive patterns with harmonizing colours. You get to complement images of tranquil afternoons napping in a hammock or jovial parties around the grill. 

While decorating your deck, it is important to concentrate on one or two colours to unify the feel of your decor. A bright pop of colour is the swiftest way to enliven a deck. Use pillows, paper lanterns and paint to coordinate with bright colours of the fabric steamers. This also creates more privacy for a small deck. Consider the effect you are trying to achieve and have one accent colour that stands out. Think of how the colour you choose will work in the surrounding and the rest of your home. 

Not all backyards are suitable for huge, flat decks. Consider a wooden walkway connecting a sequence of smaller decks if your backyard is on an incline. A slightly elevated deck brings appeal to a yard that would otherwise be entirely flat. It adds flexibility for relaxing and gives the impression of having two different spaces in your yard. Maximize the space in your backyard with a two-level deck. Using the area under a deck increases your space for relaxation. 

Decks are not only for daytime so whatever style you opt for, install mood lighting. Tactically place lights around your deck to set the atmosphere with illumination as the sun sets. There is a multitude of solar lighting available which makes it hard to get the right garden lighting for your deck. Be savvy when making a choice to get the perfect lighting touches.